A quick introductory...  

First of all, let me inroduce myself, I'm Martin, living and breathing in Macedonia. My goal and biggest hope is that everything what you read here will be at least a little helpful...

...what you can expect is news and howtos ;)

...as a daily Linux user, now I'm going to make my top 5 distro chart, and explain why:

1. Mandriva - 2008.0 - because it's friendly, stable, and out-of-the-box
2. openSUSE - 10.3 - same as Mandriva, but it lacks drivers and codecs and it has slow installation of packages
3. Debian - 4 - because it's rock solid stable, but a lot of packages have to be installed aditionaly
4. Linux Mint - 4 - because it's based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian, plus it has codecs and Java
5. Parsix - 1 - I've tried it few days ago, and it's really nice, plus it's based on Debian

I'll be writing soon again... cheers...

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