HOWTO: restore GRUB after XP/Vista install  

Imagine the next scenario, you install a Linux Distribution, then install a Windows operating system. All of the sudden, you cannot boot the Linux, and the computer directly boots up the XP, or Vista. You don't have to be afraid, the Linux isn't deleted, it's untouched, only the boot selector is overwritten with the one of the Windows.

All you have to do is download 'Super Grub Disk' and burn the image to a blank CD. It's about 4MB, and it does it job as it's supposed to.

When you boot it up, the following screen will show up:

Then press Enter, and the following screen will appear:

Now, here is what you can do:
First of the easier options is to select 'GRUB => MBR & !LINUX! AUTO' and then the Live CD will find the overwritten Grub, and give it's options (which it had, the operating systems listed and etc.) and you can select your installed Linux Distribution now. And when you are logged in Your Linux Distribution, you can install the GRUB again, and add in it the newly installed Windows as one of the options in the GRUB.
Second of the easier options is to select 'Super Grub Disk (WITH HELP)' where first you choose your language, then a few lines of explanations first will be shown, and then a list of options will be listed as in the last screenshot posted in this post/HowTo. Cause we want to restore GRUB, we select 'Gnu/Linux' and follow the next steps.

In my case, i had openSUSE 10.3 installed. And I installed Windows SP 2 (need it for college/studying). Then I chose 'GRUB => MBR & !LINUX! AUTO' and I booted in openSUSE, logged in, started YaST, clicked on the BOOT icon, installed GRUB again, and the problem was solved.

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NEWS: DreamLinux 3.0 Beta 3 Released  

I'm happy to copy/paste the official release announcement:

We are proud to announce the 3rd and last beta before the final release. The following applications were included in this release: gThumb replacing GQview, Pidgin instant messenger, NDISwrapper module, WineQ + Wine Doors installer. Fixes and improvements: now booting from any CD-ROM unit; improved Dreamlinux control panel and installer; theme switcher on GNOME changes theme without the need to restart X; network now set up to automatically start during boot; CUPS also starting up on boot; new wizard for Emerald themes; new wallpapers and icons; new Avant window manager themes; new GDM themes, now featuring countdown; other minor overall improvements.

This is the final/third Beta release, and here are some screenshots:

pic 1: the boot selector


pic 2,3...6: GNOME Desktop screenshots


pic 7,8...11: XFCE Desktop screenshots

All of the screens taken are in PNG quality, and the more important screens are taken, as Dreamlinux Control Panel, GNOME Control Center, XFCE Settings Manager, etc.

Only one thing I didn't liked. I had write support on the NTFS partitions on my Computer. Is that OK from security aspects? Except that, my overall one-hour-live-cd impression is really good.

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