NEWS: Parted Magic 2.1 Released  

If, you are tired of reading, and only for the screenshots, it's Okay, the important thing you should know compared between PM2.1 and PM2.0 is that this release is mainly bugfix release. It features: Linux kernel, NTFS-3G 1.2216, VisParted is now able to create ext4 partitions. Bugs are fixed, and drivers have been added.

Parted Magic comes in Live CD, USB, and PXE. Here the Live CD is tried. When you boot the disk, the image above is given.

After booting, you can notice the XFCE desktop enviroment. PM 2.0 featured GTK+ H20 theme, but in 2.1 is replaced with Clearlooks.

This CD is a tool for managing disk partitions, and for this feature, VisParted does the job. VisParted is a fork of GParted, and is improved by the lead developer, Patrik. You can create, restore, backup and delete partitions. Supported file systems are: forext2, ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, xfs, inux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, and reiser4.

Besides VisParted, lots of other tools are included. One of them is Test Disk, which is used for scanning and repairing partitions. There is also a tool to create a Live USB, but, you should know that, for a Live USB to boot, the PC should be able to boot USB drives. Other tools included are Partition Image, List Partition Table, Test Disk, PhotoRec, Iso Master, Conky, Galculator, Hardware Lister, Save Files, Find Utility and so on..

If you wish for a complete list of all of the programs found in Parted Magic (X based, and Command Line Based ones), go HERE.

The package management system is simple and in 7zip compression, and adding new programs is much more easier. Besides the tools for managing partitions, new programs found here (and in 2.0) are: Start Network, Firefox, Grsync, and lftp.

Start Network is used to establish a working connection, to configure the LAN, etc. It's a simple and powerful tool. Also, Firefox is included, for web browsing, and it's a nice touch. My overall impression is really good, and I think that everyone who reinstalls their operating system once in a while needs this disk.

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