NEWS: openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2 Released  

The Alpha 2 of the upcoming openSUSE 11 was announced. Note that it's still alpha version, and is not to be used for day-to-day work, but for testing purposes. So, here is the release announcement:

Only three weeks after Alpha 1, we are glad to announce the release of openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2. There are various exciting changes in there that we would like to have feedback on. Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1: KDE 4.0.1 replaced KDE 3.5.8 as the default KDE; GNOME 2.21.90 was integrated; continued work on the installation workflow; live CDs for both GNOME and KDE; CDs support German as an additional language; DVDs have only open source software; Linux 2.6.24; 2.4 Beta; ALSA 1.0.16rc2; D-Bus 1.2rc2.

If you wish to download an iso, go to for direct links to all the available media. Since Alpha 1, the installer was rewritten in Qt4, and is really nice and stable, and since Alpha 2, KDE 3.5.8 is replaced with 4.0.1. I must say that this is the first distribution with somewhat stable KDE 4 packages.

So, here are some screens of the installer:

According to the roadmap, on April 17th the first Beta will be released, on May 29th RC1, and the Public Release will be on June the 19th. We all hope that the final (public) release will be alive and kickin'. Detailed info about the roadmap can be found here. I think it's our (the community) obligation to test and submit bugs, so if someone wants to contribute and submit bugs, here's how to do that.

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